Film Maker

In the fickle world of Hindi cinema, Rajiv Rai is one name that spells success. super success. He's the director who has perfected the art of making movies that seamlessly and effectively blend action, music and romance -- the three elements that can turn a movie into a blockbuster anywhere in the world. Lavishly mounted movies that delight the audience without offending critics is Rai's forte.

Under the banner of Trimurti Films Pvt Ltd., founded by his movie maker father Gulshan Rai, Rajiv Rai has made five Hindi movies. Three of these have become super hits - a success ratio that has been rarely seen in the history of Indian cinema. Today, Rai is the director as well as creative force behind Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd. and is involved in every aspect of movie making. From story to screenplay, music to editing, every movie under the Trimurti Films banner bears the unmistakable Rajiv Rai stamp.

Born in Bombay in 1955, Rai had an exclusive public school education (Doon School, Dehra Dun) and later graduated from the prestigious St. Xavier's College in Bombay.

Having assisted Yash Chopra, one of the best directors in Indian cinema, Rai came into his own as an independent director with Yudh (1980). This was followed by Tridev (1989), Vishwatma (1992), Mohra (1994) and Gupt (1997).

With his unerring ear for music, it is but natural that all Rajiv Rai movies boast of chartbusting music. Rai launched a music company - Trimurti Sounds - in 1995. He is also the director of Modern Movies (distribution company), Trimurti Exhibitors and Trimurti Exports.

Rajiv Rai is a happily married man - wife Sonam was a movie star and leading lady of his movies once - a devoted father to son Gaurav. Rai balances his private and professional life with equal ease. As easily as he balances technical finesse with music and romance in his movies.

With his creative hunger undiminished, and his sights set on distant marquees in faraway lands, Rajiv Rai is destined to don the mantle of an international movie mogul. That too in not so distant a future.

Currently Rajiv Rai is putting the finishing touches on his latest venture 'Pyaar, Ishq aur Mohabbat' to be released in June 2001.